Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unbirthday party

k y'all. we are having an unbirthday tea party at kim & ferlins next saturday late afternoon (4ish). everyone is welcome. don't forget the jam.

Monday, April 12, 2010

all the merry april

updates for april:
we are going to be visiting the sioux falls/luverne area april 21st-25th. we are highly anticipating this event, and we can't wait to see family and friends. if you would like to get together, let me know.

we are also going to be having a garage sale/rummage on the 24th in luverne. well, as of right now, we plan on having one. things arent super final yet, but its looking positive that the garage sale will be that day, in luverne, in the am. we have loads of baby things, housewares, books, dvds, and i have a box of petite maternity clothes. if you need anything we can exchange our unwanted items with your unwanted cash.

saturday we went to the bridger mountain range. it was beautiful. we took some souvenirs home in the form of mud all over the buick.  poor buick. i'll try to post some photos once i get the roll developed. as we were walking along this dirt road we saw a family of deer. just hanging out. so we watched them watching us for a while until we got distracted by a house in the trees. we had stopped to admire the creek and what do you know - a house is built about 15 feet in the air. it was pretty awesome. and a dog licked apollo's face. he loved it. i can't wait until he gets rosco's slobbery kisses.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

apollo's wish list

ok i made a wish list for apollo on amazon. this is partly for matt, but also for anyone that is possibly considering buying apollo anything for his birthday. not that you have to, cuz you dont. i know this is premature, but i kept thinking to myself "oh apollo would like this." and so i made a list.


i hope that works.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

the hunt is on

last night we got to sleep in our bed. it's no king sized hotel bed, but it's ours and it was wonderfantabulous.

this morning apollo had his very first easter egg hunt. this highly anticipated event turned into, well, a not so highly anticipated event. why you ask- i blame the weather. really. it snowed throughout the night and continued into the morning. so here we are, standing with apollo on a field, in snow, while its snowing, and blowing, with a billion other parents and children waiting. waiting. waiting. finally the count down begins and we're off! we grab maybe a dozen eggs and scramble inside to warm up. apollo, mean while, is relatively apathetic towards the whole ordeal - he just wants a nap. 

our second easter egg hunt was a little more productive. apollo got eggs that resulted in candy. he had fun finding them and i had fun eating candy. even the store that sponsored  the egg hunt came out ahead, as we purchased a couple easter toys for apollo there. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

this is not our apartment...

So Apollo has an ear infection (sad face). Good news is he's taking antibiotic for it. Bad news is he's taking antibiotic for it. It makes him feel better but he hates it and always throws up his meals afterwards. And he won't eat. But despite all this he is playing like it's his birthday.

Today people from one of the other apartments decided to lacquer and/or spray paint some cabinets in the portion of the basement below our apartment. Unfortunately we have a giant vent leading from that portion of the basement into our apartment that delivers hot air, and in this case VOCs. We came home and almost passed out. Ventilation helped some and when we were ready to go back in (read: it was bedtime) we thought it seemed ok... until the furnace kicked in. So here we are at a hotel, playing games and eating snacks while Apollo has the run of the room. And I have to walk across a couple parking lots to work in about 5 hours. All in all it's been a sleepless week.