Monday, March 29, 2010


i was taking a bath with lots of bubbles. apollo reached in and grabbed some. after the initial texture shock, the most natural thing to do was shove the bubbles into his mouth. they must have been pretty good bubbles, he didn't even make a face. in fact, he ate some more.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

recipe: stuffed tomatoes

a pretty easy but surprisingly delicious recipe. i'm gonna post it. not my finest work, but when your in a pinch (and hurry) it'll do. and it's a beautiful presentation.

you'll need:
roughly 4 large tomatoes
1 14oz can of diced tomatoes
1/2 cupish shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cupish bread crumbs
1/2 cupish your choice of prepared sausage cubed
(i used a soy sausage we find in the produce section at the grocery store & cook on stove until browned)
opt: chili powder, paprika, & jalapeno pepper

using a paring knife, cut a circle on the top of each tomato. twist the circular top until it easily comes off. use a spoon to discard the tomato innards. mix diced tomatoes, cheese, bread crumbs, sausage and peppers(if using). spoon mixture into each tomato until full. top with a little extra cheddar cheese. bake at 400 degrees f style for 15 min or so. vwala. meal in a tomato.

*if you don't have bread crumbs on hand lightly toast a slice of bread and allow it to cool. stick the toast in the blender. blend.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

slumber party

steven is working over night this week. yuck. you know i have to wonder - does target think about me at all in this decision? so steven stays up all night, making target great, while I have to stay at home. i browse hulu for anything interesting, i eat pb & j sandwiches, i twiddle my thumbs. sure steven is working hard, but really, i have it so much harder. watching a baby sleep and wishing i could fall asleep. but i have such a hard time without steven here. "no consideration, no consideration at all!" (five fake dollars if you can tell me where that quote is from) this whole over night thing messes up my schedule so!

and knowing target the employees are probably given breaks to boost moral. really long breaks, where they get free food and games. they probably play midnight bowling and 2 am basketball with nacho cheese sauce and pickles. whats a pb&j compared to that?

instructions: hold your hand a couple inches away from your mouth with your palm facing your face. now hold a note and cover your mouth with your hand. quickly pull your hand back to its starting position. repeat.

this is apollo's new favorite thing to do. he thinks its better than, well, a lot of things. he actually fell asleep doing it. which was amazing and really cute.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

bottle smottle

tonight i gave apollo a bottle for the first time ever. i held him in my arms as if i were to nurse him and instead i shoved a plastic nipple attached to a glass bottle containing breast milk into his mouth. it was weird, but kind of cute. i know nursing is the most natural way to nourish your baby, but you always see mommy's holding babies with bottles on tv, and so you know-now i feel like a tv mom with a cute baby.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


apollo has learned a new trick. its called wheezing. after debating throughout the day whether it was a cause for concern, i decided to call his doc and schedule an appointment for the next day. the good news is that i don't have to bring him to the clinic tomorrow; the bad news is that his nurse said he needed to see someone immediately. so i brought apollo to an urgent care near-by. the doctor concluded apollo has your normal baby cold virus which may or may not be causing this wheezing. the doctor also stated apollo may or may not have intermittent asthma which will be determined at a later date. the doctor finally announced that apollo has simply learned how to worry everyone with a new trick call wheezing. well its called something else but i forgot what the doctor called it. so - apollo, although slightly ill, is no worse for wear and has the added bonus of a new ability (wheeze wheeze) and possibly someday a new condition (asthma wheeze wheeze).

i'd like to congratulate steven on a grill well heated tonight for supper. it was fantabulous.
great jeorb homestray.

Friday, March 12, 2010

apollo woke up at 1:30 and proceeded to throw up on the bed. he is sick. please send positive thoughts this way.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the nicest march in history

i do believe this is the nicest, prettiest, most wonderful march in history. the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and im doing some spring cleaning. we have a great back porch. recently it was filled with junk but NOW it is clear of debris, and I have only to wash the walls and it will be beautiful. There are random chairs laying around the yard. I think I may steal one or two so steven and i can sit on our back porch! yes! i've always wanted a back porch! now i just need some chickens and my life would be complete. well, my back yard would be complete anyways.

tom and laurie chaplin came for a visit yesterday. it was super wonderful to see them. i wish i could see family everyday! i want to buy this house we live in. and then cram my family in it. deb and terry could take an apt, my parents could have another, kristen and bill could have the back apt, we could build an apt for amy and jesse above the garage cuz they like their privacy, and kelsey could have the basement apt. that leaves brett and kristine, but, really, they are college students so who cares about them. just kidding! there's six apts in this house. they can have the mysterious apt e. and we can have the chickens in the back yard.

im babysitting this week, and it makes me NOT want another baby. thanks to the creator for letting me know now before i ever thought it would be a good idea to get myself with child again.

the end!

Monday, March 1, 2010

life is short part 2

i just watched this movie, "rachel getting married." (for those "tv on the radio" fans, tunde adebimpe is the man getting married to rachel). in this movie rachel's sister is like a stocked man-made lake. her fish are problems, and for the most part, she's made them herself. drug problems. emotional problems. attention problems. and during the course of the movie i feel torn between pity and hatred for her. she gets out of rehab days before rachel's wedding. rachel is a relatively normal bride, fretting about her dress, seating at the dinner, etc. & during these next few days rachel's sister seemingly attempts to ruin rachel's wedding. she will talk about her drug addiction at inappropriate times, she will be belligerent at other times, etc. there are a couple times before the main event when rachel gets upset at her sister. her sister "how dare you!"s to rachel, and often rachel is subdued or the subject is changed to avoid further ignition.

i feel for rachel. i really do. i wish i could jump in that movie and tell her sister to get over it. "stop acting like a child!" i would love to scream at her. but i can't. she's not real. and really - we all act like children sometimes.  mostly i want rachel to have a great wedding. i wish i could just erase her sister out the picture with a big fat pink eraser. don't you wish you could do that? erase people that hurt others for some unknown reasons?

for instance man from apt b in our house is one of these people. i don't know his name. i've never even talked to him, but i think he is one of those people willing to do anything to get ahead. he would be a line-budger at the grocery store. he parks his vehicle, whenever possible, in front of the sidewalk. and every time i attempt to get into our car i have to first maneuver around his element with apollo, a diaper bag, and what ever else im carrying (usually overlarge stuffed dog named doug & blanket). often i slip on the ice. and i want to curse at him and erase his car from the world. but i can't. it's a small thing, i know. im being a bit silly, but really - is it necessary?

so why do people do these things? why do people change the subject so it will revolve around themselves? why do people budge? why do people pull out in front of you when you are trying to cross the street, and why do people litter? why is convenience above consideration? I'm for self, but why are some willing to sacrifice others happiness for their own?