Tuesday, November 9, 2010

happy birthday steven

for steven's birthday we went to the headwaters of the missouri. like last year the weather was wonderful and the rivers amazing. unlike last year, apollo got to join in on the fun. steven and apollo threw so many rocks into the madison i'm sure they raised the water level. boys. 

we also stopped by the famous buffalo jump in the area. we attempted to get to the top of the buffalo jump, but alas failed. apollo seemed to gain a pound with every few steps, so by the time we got half way he was nearly as heavy as steven. so we turned around and went home to CAKE! steven's request: devils food cake with chocolate ganache and a chocolate buttercream frosting. and i don't mean to brag...but it was pretty awesome.

1 comment:

  1. My oh my, look at the little guy...I love the pics, but they do make me miss him (and you all) more.

    The cake looks delicious...love the design...can't wait to come out to your place next spring so you can make us some.

    love ya all!